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Contribution Guidelines

Contributing a new feature

  • Open a new GitHub pull request with the patch.
  • Ensure the PR description clearly describes the problem and solution. Include the relevant issue number if applicable.

Development tooling

To ease the development cycle, some tools are available. These can be called from the root directory with the make command.

The following commands are supported:

make lint
make install
make examples
make docs
make test
make clean

Contribution quality standards

To guarantee a high quality of the contributed code, the project workflow validates the added modification as well as the introduced commit messages. The same mechanisms are used locally to find and solve existing issues before submitting a pull request.

To activate the local mechanisms (created using pre-commit hooks), run the following commands:

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
pre-commit install --hook-type commit-msg --hook-type pre-commit

Git workflow

The Git workflow used in this project is based on this blog post. Using this workflow allows for better collaboration between contributors and automation of repetitive tasks.

In addition to the workflow described in the blog post, Github Actions lints the code automatically on the release branches and builds documentation from each push to the master branch. For now, we don\'t use hotfix branches.

Branch naming:

  • develop: development branch
  • master: master branch
  • feat/[FEATURE NAME]: feature branches
  • docs/[branch name]: documentation and examples

Git workflow for this project. Based on work by Vincent Driessen,
Creative Commons

Contributor License Agreement (CLA)

This package does not have a Contributor License Agreement (CLA), as the GitHub Terms of Service provides a sensible explicit default:

Whenever you make a contribution to a repository containing notice of a license, you license your contribution under the same terms, and you agree that you have the right to license your contribution under those terms.

Read Github\'s open source legal guide for further details.

Discord Data-centric community

The community is low-threshold place to ask questions regarding development and contributing. Join the Discord community.

More information

Read more on getting involved in the Contribution Guide available on GitHub.