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Data quality Profiling with a Collaborative experience


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YData Fabric is a Data-Centric AI development platform. YData Fabric provides all capabilities of ydata-profiling in a hosted environment combined with a guided UI experience.

Fabric's Data Catalog provides a comprehensive and powerful tool designed to enable data professionals, including data scientists and data engineers, to manage and understand data within an organization. The Data Catalog act as a searchable repository, that captures the schema and metadata, while providing a unified view of all datasets.

Profiling in a Data Catalog

Built-in connectors

Fabric's Data Catalog experience, provides pre-configured interfaces for a variety of data sources. The built-in connectors simplify and expedite the data integration, while reducing developing time and enhancing data availability ensuring reliable and consistent data exchange.

Metadata management

The Data Catalog captures and stores automatically the datasets' metadata, providing essential information about your data types, source, last time of update, relationships among other characteristics, such as the presence of potential Personally identifiable Information (PII). It supports automated metadata ingestion from a variety of data sources, which allows to keep the catalog always up-to-date.

Data profiling and relationships

An interactive experience that allows to drill-down in a comprehensive data profiling and relationship analysis, providing deep insights into data structure, distributions and interactions for improved data preparation.

Data quality indexes

Access and navigate indicators and data quality statistics, such as completeness, uniqueness and consistency. This feature ensures that your teams are working with trusted, complete and reliable data while developing data initiatives.


The Data Catalog enables a collaborative experience through dataset descriptions and tags for ease of search. This fosters collaboration among team members, sharing domain knowledge and experience, and leading to better, more informed decisions.

Security and Compliance

Through built-in connectors and flexible infrastructure enforce data access control per users and per project. YData Fabric Data Catalog helps in maintaining regulatory compliance by identifying any sensitive data.

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