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Common issues

TypeError: _plot_histogram() got an unexpected keyword argument \'title\'

This error occurs when using outdated versions of the package.

Ensure that you are using the latest version, and when in a notebook, ensure that you\'ve restarted the kernel when needed. Also make sure that you install in the right Python environment (please use !{sys.executable} -m pip install -U ydata-profiling!). More information on installing Python packages directly from a notebook: \'Installing Python Packages from a Jupyter Notebook\'.

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Jupyter \"IntSlider(value=0)\"

When in a Jupyter environment, if only text such as IntSlider(value=0) or (children=(IntSlider(value=0, description='x', max=1), Output()), _dom_classes=('widget-interact',)) is shown, then the Jupyter Widgets are not activated. The ../getting_started/installation page contains instructions on how to resolve this problem.

MemoryError: Unable to allocate... when profiling datasets with very large values

A memory error that comes up when profiling datasets with large outliers (even if the dataset itself is small), which is due to an underlying bug in numpy, used to build a histogram. Although some workarounds are suggested on numpy\'s GitHub, the bug is not yet fixed. One workaround is to filter out large outliers prior to report computation.

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