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The package can be directly consumed in some Integrated Development Environments, such as PyCharm.


  1. Install ydata-profiling via ../getting_started/installation
  2. Locate your ydata-profiling executable.

On macOS / Linux / BSD:

$ which ydata_profiling
(example) /usr/local/bin/ydata_profiling

On Windows:

$ where ydata_profiling
(example) C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\Scripts\ydata_profiling.exe
  1. In PyCharm, go to Settings (or Preferences on macOS) Tools External tools
  2. Click the + icon to add a new external tool
  3. Insert the following values

  4. Name: Data Profiling

    • Program: The location obtained in step 2
    • Arguments: "$FilePath$" "$FileDir$/$FileNameWithoutAllExtensions$_report.html"
    • Working Directory: $ProjectFileDir$

PyCharm Integration{.align-center width="400px"}

To use the PyCharm Integration, right click on any dataset file and External Tools Data Profiling.