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The following example reports showcase the potentialities of the package across a wide range of dataset and data types:

  • Census Income (US Adult Census data relating income with other demographic properties)
  • NASA Meteorites (comprehensive set of meteorite landing - object properties and locations) Open in Binder Open in Colab
  • Titanic (the \"Wonderwall\" of datasets) Open in Binder Open in Colab
  • NZA (open data from the Dutch Healthcare Authority)
  • Stata Auto (1978 Automobile data, Stata format)
  • Colors (a simple colors dataset)
  • Vektis (Vektis Dutch Healthcare data)
  • UCI Bank Dataset (marketing dataset from a bank)
  • Russian Vocabulary (100 most common Russian words, showcasing unicode text analysis)
  • Website Inaccessibility (website accessibility analysis, showcasing support for URL data)
  • Orange prices and Coal prices (simple pricing evolution datasets, showcasing the theming options)
  • USA Air Quality (Time-series air quality dataset EDA example)
  • HCC (Open dataset from healthcare, showcasing compare between two sets of data, before and after preprocessing)